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April 2019 Update

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Compare 6 Month Loans: Bad Credit Direct Lenders

Compare 6 Month Loans
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Instalments across 3 months were studied in the previous comparison and today we’ll be doubling up to the popular 6 month loans niche. There is a heavy overlap across each, but there are less overall options when stepping up. It is however a much more competitive space to be operating in due to the instalment heavyweight brands Lending Stream and Sunny who each advertise on TV. Some further brands competing well in 2019 are One Stop Money Shop and Uncle Buck. Some big news recently coming to light was the closure of Enova’s Pounds to Pocket. This has been merged with On Stride Financial that has at least taken on Pocket’s 6m starting point.

Lending Stream was the first major brand to carve out the 6 month loans sector. They had originally offered a payday term, but were savvy to change direction when most lenders piled on short term. In time they’d of course be joined by an army of monthly firms who adapted when industry capping came into force. Stream’s main rival is Sunny. These have been the dominant forces in recent years, investing lots of money on brand promotion both online and through TV ads. The most popular sites don’t however tend to offer up the most competitive rates. Smart-Pig was the only high profile company to rank within the top 5 subprime deals below.


Compare 3 Month Loans: Bad Credit Direct Lenders

Compare 3 Month Loans
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Instalment loans stand out more so than anything by the high volume of competing brands. There are collectively now around 40 loan options available to UK residents in each sub-niche. The boom in supply ramped up significantly in early 2015 when price capping pushed many payday firms on to this side. We’d personally assign instalment lenders as any company that offers an online loan between the period of 2 and 11 months. The most popular micro-niches for instalments are 3 month loans and 6 month loans. There is often a heavy cross-over with firms offering each of these options. We’ll however be comparing each niches individually, starting with the smaller option here today.

The history of 3 month loan products is tied to QuickQuid who have offered a 3rd monthly pay option for a long time now. WizzCash appears to have been one of the first specialised firms on this period. They launched in 2012. Historically, payday lenders would just offer rollover extensions. Rollovers do have a bad rep and the FCA has enforced a ruling that limits the number of rollovers to just 2. Quantity-wise, there are more brands offering 3 months, but this niche isn’t quite as competitive, since lenders like Lending Stream and Pounds to Pocket compete for 6. QuickQuid’s site has the most visibility in this sector, whilst Satsuma is considered as the largest instalment specialised provider.


Compare 24 Month Loans 2018 | New 24 Month Lenders

Compare 24 Month Loans


As an extension from comparing 12 months, we’ll today double this to investigate 24 month loans for bad credit (& fair). Prime options will be explored at a later date. The niche in focus is small in demand, but we feel that it is an important one to consider for borrowers. Above all else this term helps to craft a highly affordable monthly repayment. If you were applying for £1000 then you would typically repay between £65 and £85 monthly that most borrowers should feel comfortable with. In contrast, if you just went with a single year then the payment would float between £105 and £160 that would be more tricky to keep on top off.

Keeping those repayments low is always advised since if the car breaks down or some unsuspected bill pops up you’ll be better prepared to lower that risk of a late payment or even defaulting. The number of listings below is much smaller than 12m, but you could in essence get the same term with a guarantor or logbook lender. What has squeezed down the tally of brands here is that most of the payday and instalment firms stop lending at the year point. They tend to impose expensive rates whereby for £1000 you could be paying almost the same amount in interest charges. The value in contrast today is much improved, yet still more expensive than the guarantor deals.


Top 10 Trending Brands