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Auden Loans

About Auden Loans

This company originally operated as Uberima from late 2014. They tended to fly under the radar making little impact and so opted to follow with a complete overhaul that would lead to the rebrand of Auden in 2017. The new name was catchy and the product was greatly enhanced with a much greater focus on flexibility. This Manchester-based for profit social enterprise is intent on delivering affordable credit to those underserved and overcharged. It is very much the case that their pricing is competitive. Unfortunately, until this day they just haven’t been able to catch fire that is evident from their Alexa ranking (they globally ranked at around 3.5m, but have now lost this).

Auden’s repayment flexibility is the best that we have seen on the market. For short term lending you can opt to repay between 7 and 30 days. Then there is the option to choose between 2 and 12 months. A handy bonus is that you can repay either monthly or weekly (this impacts pricing). Their payday charge is £38.40 per £200 that would translate as £19.20 per £100 if that was available (£200 is minimum). This ranks as the 4th cheapest short term bad credit deal. Their £102.09 charge for £300 at 13w is the 5th cheapest for subprime. Just how well this service is functioning is unclear, since there are no listings on any external review sites.

Company Details

Address: Blue Tower, MediaCityUK, Manchester, M50 2ST

Brand: Auden (aka: Audan)

Company: Auden Group Ltd

Contact (📧):

Contact (☎): 0330 134 8000

FCA Licence: 674148

Launched: 2014 (was Uberima)

Niche: Payday, instalment, personal

Opening Hours: Mon/Fri (9.30am-5pm)

Related Brands: Non

Site Address:

Site Rank ( Global): Unranked

Product Specs

Amounts Available: £200 to £400 (£1000 on reloans)

Late Payment Fee: £0

Login Provided: Yes

Pricing (Weekly Repay): £165.83 /£300 (26w) & £740.08 /£1000 (52w)

Pricing (Monthly Repay): £38.40 /£200 (1m) & £173.48 (6m) & £752.48 /£1000 (12m)

Repayment Terms: 7 to 30 days & 2 to 12 months

Review Feedback

Feefo: Not listed

Reviews: Not listed

Trustpilot: Not listed

Rivals & Similar Lenders Like Auden

Highlighting Auden’s great flexibility, the only workaround of being able to choose either 7 days or a full year would be to use a credit line facility with Drafty, or with Safetynet and Tappily, although you’d need to instantly reloan when automatic monthly repayments were taken. Of these, only SafetyNet considers low scores. Satsuma Loans is very similar, offering the same ability to repay monthly or weekly, with no late fees and there is good spread of terms (3m to 12m). For better pricing you could head to Anico Finance. Their instalment prices are £73.50 (3m) and £147 (6m) vs £102.09 (13w) and £165.83 (26w) here. Anico’s 1 year charge is much higher though (£980 vs £740.08).

Last Check @ February 13th, 2020

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 2 reviews
by Rob on Reviews

Don't understand why this company isn't more popular. Very flexible and appreciate the reasonable pricing.

by Jean on Reviews

This shower of an outfit do not accept those who are underserved. Furthermore once declined you can never be accepted. Totally useless and will not be in business very long