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Cash Kitty is the core brand of William Ellis Sinclair, a broker based in Bridgend. The owner has released a large range of projects in recent years, but non are quite on the same level as this one in focus. The popularity has however been maintained rather than built from scratch, since the brand was originally started up in 2012 by 9Global Inc who arise from San Bruno (California). They have had a London office and went on to collect leads across a number of financial sites over the years, but 9Global’s licence stopped in 2015. It appears that the site was then brought back to life just after summer 2016 and things have progressed well since.


Brand: Cash Kitty (aka: CashKitty).
Company: William Ellis Sinclair.
Founder: Unknown.
Launched: 2012 (relaunched in 2016).
Licence: 618190.
Offers: Loan matching for Instalment, payday, personal.
Opening Hours: Not disclosed.
Other Projects: Discussed further below.
Reloan Payouts: NA.


Address: 26a Dunraven Place, Bridgend, CF31 1JD.
Phone: 0174 058 2046.


Alexa Rank (Local): #168,108.
Facebook Page: Under 100.


£121.44 /£300 (3m).

= Rate is variable.


Amounts: £100 to £5000 (new applicants).
Amounts: As above (when reloaning).
Amount Selections: £50 increments.
Late Payment Fee: NA.
Terms: 1 to 24 months.

*Product specs depend entirely on where the applicant is successfully referred to. There is no reference on the partners used, just that there are multiple partners. On the homepage the amounts rise in £100s, but then on the quote form this changes to £50.

Service Pros…

Kitty’s site theme is vibrantly styled and the product information is clearly presented. Applications are securely processed and they cover the legal side well such as through the Opt Out button for email or SMS marketing if you have received unwanted messages. Quick approvals with no faxing are promised on sizeable loans as high as £5000 that can be spread across a wide range of terms spanning 1 and 24 months. No broker fees are also charged. They’ll simply earn commissions from any successful leads. The overall traffic performance of is very impressive. We’d expect them to be commanding a top 10 ranking above all brokers. This will be explored over time.

Service Cons…

Little is known about William Ellis Sinclair. Most high flying brokers usually have a corporate site or at least a LinkedIn page. This is obviously a sole trader, but based on the popularity of this company and the many other projects on the go we’d expect there to be quite a large team involved. A little more transparency would also be ideal when it comes to the lending panel. Other than stating that multiple partners are used, we have no idea which specific lenders are added for referrals. It would be likely that a Pingtree system is used where the typical big names will be attached.

Trading Names…

The Cash Kitty loans are very popular online. You only have to look at the site’s Alexa ranking to see this. There are however a wide range of further trading names used by this broker. We counted 12 loan sites (13 inc CK) and 2 that cater credit cards. The one in focus is way ahead, whilst Emu is the 2nd most well known that is followed by Flex Repay UK and then Cash Reserve UK. The other properties aren’t performing well, but many are still relatively new. From exploring the range we were impressed with the catchy themes used on Cash Carrot and Smart Loans. These projects will be expected to take on the most growth over time.

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