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Varooma Loans

About Varooma Loans

Varooma is currently operating as a broker and not as a lender with a new exclusive partnership in place with Logbook Money Ltd. They do state “Currently” and so perhaps they may revert back to lending. It’s a shame to see this development as their product has always been one of the better offerings on the market with lots of support on Trustpilot to back this up. We have been tracking the performance of for some time though and to be Alexa unranked for so long suggests that business has simply dried up here. Going back to the beginning, this company was formed in 2011 by Damon Hirschl who has since moved on to launch the MotorKitty brand.

Varooma’s pricing had been competitive. Across 12 months for £1000 they charged £700.04. The brokered deal in place now would translate as £1320 for a year (18m is however the minimum term on that side costing £1980). Another key feature was that they covered any aged cars (this is at least still in place at their partner). They had offered 70% of the trade value between £500 to £50,000 (£150,000 max with Platinum). 12 to 36 months was the set terms and they operated across Saturdays from 8am to 4pm that has now been scrapped. Field agents would go out to complete the paperwork in person. Reviews were as noted supportive at 94% on Trustpilot from 4500+ reviews.


Aspire Money Loans | Reviews

Aspire Money Loans

About Aspire Money Loans

Aspire Money Ltd is one of the UK’s largest brokers matching personal loans online. There are 3 projects within the group. The 2 smaller operations are Citrus and Opal, with the owner’s name being used for the central brand at that was composed in 2009 (launched in 2010). In the early days they were homed in Stockport, but they would later switch location to Dudley. Across the years they have always performed well and today tend to rank around the region of 50k (Alexa UK). There are no recent performance stats other than the group securing £60 million worth of loans across 12 months. They had historically processed around 55,000 personal loan applications monthly.

This experienced broker matches borrowers on sizeable contracts spanning £500 to £25,000 across terms of 1 to 5 years. Unsecured is their core focus, but they do also connect homeowners with specialist partners. A representative APR of 49.9% is displayed with a complete interest range headed as 6.4% to 1611% and so both prime and subprime audiences are served well. They do have a diverse range of lending partners. Some of their well known bad credit lenders partnered are Bamboo, Likely Loans, On Stride Financial and Sunny. There are sseveral obscure firms also like LifeStyle Loans and TM Advances. Aspire’s market reputation is positive and they score at 90% on Feefo (600+ reviews over 12m).


CashPanda Loans | Reviews

CashPanda Loans

About CashPanda Loans

CashPanda is an emerging loan matching service based in London. This brand is the sole operation of Veiran Ltd. They were incorporated in 2016 and soon after was composed with the launch later following in 2017. Veiran’s dedication to this project has worked out very well to date. Panda’s Alexa rank usually floats around 75k that ranks them just outside the top 10 of all active subprime brokers. Getting to this point especially in such a short space of time has naturally required heavy investment in Google search ads. They have managed to run successful ad campaigns and have also started to build a social media presence with almost 1400 fans earned on Facebook.

CashPanda’s site is styled well, it’s fully secure with clear guidance provided on the service that they offer. The product available here is packaged with a sizeable range of £100 to £3500 whilst the terms are set across a wide span of 1 through to 36 months. A headlined APR of 49.9% is displayed across a variable range of 11.8% to 1575%. It isn’t clear just which lenders they are feeding applications to since they list many different networks. The third party companies listed include Bizfella, Loan Machine, MindFlow Marketing, Monevo, Nouveau Finance and T Dot UK. Despite the popularity of this brand, they are yet to pick up any reviews on leading portals.


Omacl Loans | Reviews

Omacl Loans

About Omacl Loans

London-based Ready Money Capital is a rising force in lead generation having only arriving recently in 2018. Ready’s founder (Stuart Smale) had previously worked at Hellcat Media who have operated in similar markets. RMC’s group brands are Cobra Payday Loans, Emu and Happy Penguin. It is however the Omacl loans site at that has taken centre stage. The traffic rank for this had floated around 60k that itself is impressive and yet on the latest check they had climbed to around 37k. This is only beaten by a small handful of rival brokers and so there is a clearly a big push on this fresh project that has only been live since early 2018.

Omacl’s product is packaged to deliver between £50 and £2500 across a wide span of terms of 3 to 18 months. The representative displayed APR is 1192% with a complete variable range of 35.9% to 1304%. On the homepage a 30 minute window is displayed as when you can expect to receive a loan if successful. The application will be fed to a panel of approx 15 lending partners. It was interesting to see that they use TM Advances who are only available through select brokers. Some recognisable partners covering instalments are Lending Stream, MyJar and Uncle Buck whilst for guarantor lending they partner with the likes of 1Plus1 Loans, Amigo and UK Credit.


Little Loans | Reviews

Little Loans

About Little Loans

Chester’s Digitonomy has several loan sites on their roster, but there are 2 core brands. Historically, CashFlex was their flagship operation, but based on traffic stats of the past year this label has passed on to Little Loans. Little’s Alexa rank has tended to float just over 20k that is quite a difference to CashFlex’s rank of around 85k. This project was launched in 2013 soon after Digitonomy’s arrival on the scene. On the homepage of there is a stat provided that “2451 people find a loan with us every day”. This is based on data taken between Sep-Nov 2017. It is further noted that they help “55,846” people on average monthly.

There are big online ad spends here, but they have interestingly recently invested in TV ads following in the footsteps of CashLady and KwikCash. Unless they are buying likes, spending must be big on Facebook as well as their page has 28,000+ fans. As the case with Flex you will see the same matched specs of £100 to £5000 on terms of 3 to 36 months with a sample rate of 49.9%. There are no hidden costs or fees and you’ll receive an instant quote from any of 40+ lenders that are fetched on quotes. Feedback is supportive on Feefo where they rate at 96%. There have been just over 300 reviews over a year (400+ since joining).


Swift Money Loans | Reviews

Swift Money Loans

About Swift Money Loans

Swift Money stands out in the sea of subprime brokers in specifically targeting payday loans. They have been active since 2011 and originally operated from Manchester, but have now switched base to Bolton. This firm has always been savvy in reinvesting a share of their profits into online ads. The traffic rank of usually floats around 45k that is only beaten by several payday lenders and so they are clearly an important middleman in this popular industry where since formation they have sent across more than 1 million applications. Swift’s product as noted targets monthly-only lending on amounts ranging from £50 to £1000. Displayed pricing matches the cap (£24 per £100 for 30 days).

Swift’s homepage uses a stylish purple theme with black up top. When hitting apply you’ll receive an instant decision with the lead being directed to a headlined 20+ lender panel. The pool may actually be larger as they do fetch through Quint’s Monevo network (known for approx 30), plus Mindflow Marketing and they also highlight Lending Stream, Provident and Satsuma Loans. Satsuma’s product actually extends to 12 months and so what they package isn’t necessarily what you’re likely to be offered. It is the case as well that most payday lenders these days extend to instalment terms. This is one of very few brokers to operate 7/7. They collect feedback via scoring 89% from 200+ reviewers.


Ocean Finance Loans | Reviews

Ocean Finance Loans

About Ocean Finance Loans

Ocean Finance was established in 1991 by Paul Newey who these days is known for competing in high stakes poker tournaments. Ocean’s mainstream advertising across the 90s helped them to become a key introducer for loans and mortgages. The secured loan market was their area of expertise where they soon become the leading player. This was a business that however suffered greatly during the 2008 financial crisis. An acquisition from the Think Money Group would follow in 2012. This deal made great sense with each business operating from Manchester. In recent years, progress has been consistent at They have now helped more than 250,000 people and are attracting more visitors than any rival loan introducers nationwide.

This company does extend across varied markets including credit cards, insurance, loans (secured & unsecured), mortgages. Their credit card works on an affinity basis through Capital One. With personal loan leads it is stated that they match 1000+ customers daily. Here they offer £100 to £10,000 across 3 to 60 months. APR is displayed at 49.9% with a variable span of 24.8% to 1325%. Around 70% of applicants are considered as being eligible. They use a large panel, yet don’t highlight specific partners. We believe they historically had an exclusive relationship with R Raphael & Sons. This broker is Feefo listed and scores at 96% with 1000+ reviews over 12 months (3000+ since joining).


GetMyLoans Loans | Reviews

GetMyLoans Loans

About GetMyLoans Loans

GetMyLoans is one of 3 trading names belonging to User Gain International Ltd. The 2 others are CreditMyFunds and CreditMyLoan. This owner acts as an appointed representative of Nouveau Finance who are the broker in the process. This is unsurprising considering that User’s registered office is located way offshore in Belize. We did have a glance on for some background information, but there was very little here (or elsewhere online). It was generally their expertise in PPC (pay per click) marketing that was discussed there. It is of course their advertising efforts in Google search that has guided GML to become a top 10 site for subprime loan matching in 2019.

The launch of came in 2016 and so this is still a relatively fresh project. From viewing its history via the Wayback Machine it was interesting to see that at launch Nouveau Finance controlled the site. They obviously opted to pass it on. They do themselves control a cluster of sites with Bizzy Loans and WakeUp2Payday being their most popular releases, although neither are particularly performing that well. The product here is packaged from £100 to £3500 from 2 to 24 months. A representative APR of 97% is quoted (range: 45.3% to 1575%). With matching, Nouveau’s PingYo network has 125 international lenders (40-50 expected in the UK). PingYo processes 25,000 loan applications daily across their entire network.


Light Finance Loans | Reviews

Light Finance Loans

About Light Finance Loans

Pitched as “An Easier Way to Get a Loan”, Light Finance is the flagship brand of TFLI Ltd who operate many projects across varied financial markets. Outside of loan matching they have a key focus on consumer debt with Wise Old Joe in particular being a popular project. Macclesfield-based TFLI was established in 2013 matching the year of North West rival Digitonomy. Light’s performance far outshines the other group sites. With great visibility in search ads, it is clear that much of TFLI’s ad budget is directed at that has grew rapidly since its recent 2018 launch. Their local Alexa rank is currently floating around 40k that qualifies them as a top 5 loan broker in 2019.

On Light’s eye catching site you can apply for between £100 and £10,000 across terms of 3 to 60 months. There is a claimed 90% success rate on matching. What’s strange is the figures that they throw up of how many quotes they have taken on any given today. On different days this has varied approx from 7400 to 26,000. This upper figure does seem inflated when you consider that an established competitor like CashLady processes 30,000+ monthly. As is common elsewhere, a representative APR of 49.9% is headlined with a full variable range of 9.9% to 1698.1%. A nice touch is that they do share lender information in their privacy section. There are around 25 listed firms here.


New Horizons Loans | Reviews

New Horizons Loans

About New Horizons Loans

Flux Funding Ltd is a broker made up of 3 founders. Each run their own projects that act as appointed introducers. James Clayton is the man behind New Horizons that is the most popular release of the bunch (the others are Upwards and Xav). The launch of went ahead in 2017. The domain itself is aged, having previously being used by an advertising agency. Before setting up Flux Funding they had brokered to the Quint Group. Within the space of a few years this has become one of the busiest lead generation sites on the block. This is clear to see from the fact that they’re achieving a competitive local Alexa rank just above 30k.

When searching for a range of loan related terms in Google search it is likely that you’ll see this site pop up in the ad listings. It’s understandable that they are making this valuable traffic source work very well since their site is professionally designed and optimised to maximise lead conversions. A “For a Brighter Tomorrow” slogan welcomes viewers who’ll quickly spot the headline of “£50 to £5000 paid out by X” with X being timed around 15 to 20 minutes ahead. Fast 3 to 36 month online loans are packaged here. Similar to other broker sites we’ve studied the same representative APR of 49.9% is promoted. This rate would be typically expected from a guarantor lender.


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