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CashFlex Loans | Reviews

CashFlex Loans

About CashFlex Loans

Digitonomy is one of the North West’s leading loan brokers. This Chester-based firm was formed back in 2013. The man at the helm is Tim Moss who created the venture after leaving MoneySuperMarket. Here he worked as the head of credit cards, loans and debt. It is claimed that they now drive 15,000+ applications per day, although this is likely based on peak performance days considering that Money Gap (owner of CashLady) processes 30,000 monthly. A range of projects have come and gone from this broker. As it stands, they have 3 active loan sites and 1 credit card site. Others are planned and outside of consumer they do have other projects targeting the SME market.

CashFlex that is also commonly searched as Cash Flex was launched in late 2014. The design of is vibrantly styled and fully secure. They have a FastCheck tool built in and promote rapid decisions in just 39 seconds. Whilst the owner claims 15k collective leads, there is a specific 2000 applications note here with a claimed 80% success rate. However much business they could drive in the past, we can’t see the numbers being high in 2019. A past Alexa check ranked them at around 48,000 (UK), but they now sit around 85,000. The owner’s Little Loans project in contrast has climbed to 20,000+ and so it is clear that Little is now the flagship brand.


CashLady Loans | Reviews

CashLady Loans

About CashLady Loans

CashLady is the UK’s most recognisable loan broker brand (they are often also titled as Cash Lady). This is flagship product of Money Gap (was PDB UK) that has been trading since 2011. The team behind the project are Israelis Avner Brodsky and Michal Brodsky who started out in 2008. All of their early projects have now closed noting the likes of Flex Credit, KwikPayday, MyPayday, Payday Bank and Payday Direct. Collectively, more than 3 million people have been matched with a loan and they process 30,000+ applications monthly. CashLady’s supporting active brands are ILoans and KwikCash. It is however that continues to generate the bulk of business within the group.

CashLady’s mainstream success has benefited greatly from savvy promotion, yet also through notoriety. This is the only known broker to have invested in TV advertising. They have done this here and also at KwikCash although on that side the ads were always shown in the mornings and so there weren’t many eyes on them. The ads here did have the visibility, but it was the choice of mascot that brings us to the notoriety. It was understandably seen as a highly irresponsible move to use Kerry Katona to front a payday loan company (based on her past bankruptcy). Ties were eventually split when the Atomic Kitten singer was made bankrupt for a second time.


Castle Finance Direct Loans | Reviews

Castle Finance Direct Loans

About Castle Finance Direct Loans

Castle Finance Direct is a family run business led by Anthony Clayton. They have been in business since 2003, although has been live since 2004. This is their only active company. There have however been various past projects across other licenses noting Apple Tree Loans, Red Lion Finance and Wentworth Direct Finance. Wentworth in particular was well known having received press and a heavy fine for misleading customers with a premium rate phone line. No such calls are taken at Castle’s site, but a controversial £79 admin fee awaits. This charge is added alongside the pricing example at the bottom of the page, but otherwise you’d need to view their terms and conditions page to see this.

When we originally profiled this company they were ranking locally at just under 100k. Today they are unranked locally with their global rank sitting at 7.8 million and so they have been struggling for views. It isn’t quite clear how they managed to become so popular in the first place as they didn’t advertise much online. As we’re aware, they had been added on the back-end of lender application declines where you’d be passed on here. This is where people mistakenly rushed through and added their bank details only to find out soon enough that they’d been charged for the service. This may have worked back then, but this loophole looks to have now fully closed.


Cash Kitty Loans | Reviews

Cash Kitty Loans

About Cash Kitty Loans

This brand had initially existed under the ownership of 9Global Inc who launched the site back in 2012. 9Global Inc arose from San Bruno (California), but they had a London office and went on to collect leads across a number of financial sites over the years before their licence came to an end in 2015. William Ellis Sinclair went on to bring the brand and site back to life just after summer 2016. They have always operated through a large cluster of trading names. Cash Kitty has been the most popular release of all. This is today slightly ahead of Moolr, but the past year hasn’t been a great one for the broker.

The past UK traffic ranking was #168,108. They are not ranked locally anymore. The global rank was 6.2 million whilst Moolr’s was 6.3m. BeeLoans followed at 7.3m, whilst Payday Pug was 12.6m. The other sites within the group were all unranked globally. One common trend across the group is that you’ll always find very stylish looking sites with catchy graphics. They had however got into bother historically over SMS marketing (there is an opt out button on the bottom menu bar). An attractive product is pitched here between £100 to £5000 across a wide span of 1 and 24 months. It isn’t clear which lenders they fetch, but Moolr’s site references 50+ lenders.


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