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Amigo Loans


Amigo is the dominant force in guarantor lending having served more than 300,000 customers. They were importantly first to market when they launched in 2005. This was under the FLM identity, with the rebrand following in 2012. TV advertising has been important to boost their market share, but at the same time this has really helped to raise consumer awareness in guarantor lending as a whole. The Richmond Group has historically been involved in a range of projects including the likes of Debt Line, FLM Quick and Loanfinder. Each of these have now closed that shows their growing emphasis on this central brand. The owner otherwise now just invests in a range of start-ups.


Brand: Amigo Loans (aka: AmigoLoans).
Company: Amigo Loans Ltd (part of Richmond Group Ltd).
Founder: James Benamor.
Launched: 2012 (2005 as FLM Loans).
Licence: 708284.
Offers: Guarantor.
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (9am-7pm), Friday (9am-6pm), Saturday (9am-1pm).
Other Projects: Non.
Web: www.amigoloans.co.uk.


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