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Loans at Home Loans

About Loans at Home Loans

Loans at Home originated as S&U Stores in the year 1938. This business that was established by Clifford Coombs sold household goods back then with the financial switch eventually taking place in 1975. LoansatHome4U was another name put forward. In August 2015 the acquisition from Non-Standard Finance took place. S&U Plc still exists today, but this is only through their Advantage Finance and Aspen Bridging brands. LAH is today the UK’s 2nd largest doorstep lender serving around 77,200 customers. They remain a fair way behind #1 ranked Morses Club at 180k. This 180k tally is similar to the Group’s overall user base that also includes the Everyday Loans, George Banco and TrustTwo operations.

There is no recent data circulating on the tally of agents employed, but these are sent from 64 offices. Coverage extends across England, Scotland and Wales. The aim is to arrange a rep visit within 24 hours although their operational hours are quite restricted. The product pitched enables funding from £100 to £600 across a range of 14 to 34 weeks. If you opted for £100 then you’d be charged £40 for this set at 14 weeks. Increasing to £200 may be advised as this opens up all 3 repayment choices (14, 26 & 34 weeks). A recent upgrade has seen the addition of a login facility and there is also an app.


Kabayan Finance Loans | Reviews

Kabayan Finance Loans

About Kabayan Finance Loans

Kabayan Finance is a UK lender that targets the Filipino community that makes up an audience of around 200,000 people. This is an experienced operation that was incorporated in 2009 and later opened in 2010. Kabayan’s service is competitively priced and it carries great flexibility. There is a minimum age requirement in place of 21 years. There was a previous £1000 wage request, but this seems to have been relaxed now. Sums ranging from £300 to £2000 are open to all customers across a term range spanning 1 to 12 months. For the payday term, a charge equivalent of £14 per £100 is imposed regardless of being paid between 20 to 40 days (minimum is £42 /£300).

The instalment charges are also priced well at £300 ranging from £84 (3m) to £146.99 (6m). We’d skip the large 12 month option where £910.04 is charged for £1000. There are a few tech issues worth raising here. There has for instance been an existing customer web login button added over at for many years now, but they have never got around to actually adding it. There is also no calculator or term choice on the application page. You choose your amount and they simply get back to you. In the late payment section area below “£2.50 to £15” is noted. This is under the process of letter sent (£2.50), 2nd letter (£2.50) and 3rd letter (£10).


GuarantorMyLoan Loans | Reviews

GuarantorMyLoan Loans

About GuarantorMyLoan Loans

GuarantorMyLoan is a Norwich-based peer-to-peer service that has been running since the summer of 2014. It has however only been in recent years that GML’s emergence has really started to gather momentum. Finally there is greater awareness of GuarantorMyLoan’s excellent cashback promotion that when factored delivers market leading sector rates. Building on this, they now allow tenants to act as guarantors as well as homeowners. This assumes that they have a good credit score and are aged between 21 and 75 (applicants must also be 21+). We can recall this firm offering £5000 max, but this has now been doubled with the current range spanning £1000 to £10,000. They enforce the standard 12 to 60 month repayment spread.

It is the cashback deal that really sets them apart. This is provided assuming that the first 12 month repayments are paid on time and in full. If this is the case then a discount equivalent of a single monthly payment will be returned. It makes obvious sense to repay over the shortest period for the largest return. If you opted for 12 months then that return on a £1000 loan would be £102.71. At 60 months in contrast it’d be just £39.07! The standard £1000 loan charge at 12m is £232.52 that with full cashback will drop to £129.81. This is by far the cheapest market option, but it only works if every payment is made without issue.


Varooma Loans | Reviews

Varooma Loans

About Varooma Loans

Varooma is currently operating as a broker and not as a lender with a new exclusive partnership in place with Logbook Money Ltd. They do state “Currently” and so perhaps they may revert back to lending. It’s a shame to see this development as their product has always been one of the better offerings on the market with lots of support on Trustpilot to back this up. We have been tracking the performance of for some time though and to be Alexa unranked for so long suggests that business has simply dried up here. Going back to the beginning, this company was formed in 2011 by Damon Hirschl who has since moved on to launch the MotorKitty brand.

Varooma’s pricing had been competitive. Across 12 months for £1000 they charged £700.04. The brokered deal in place now would translate as £1320 for a year (18m is however the minimum term on that side costing £1980). Another key feature was that they covered any aged cars (this is at least still in place at their partner). They had offered 70% of the trade value between £500 to £50,000 (£150,000 max with Platinum). 12 to 36 months was the set terms and they operated across Saturdays from 8am to 4pm that has now been scrapped. Field agents would go out to complete the paperwork in person. Reviews were as noted supportive at 94% on Trustpilot from 4500+ reviews.


Morses Club Loans | Reviews

Morses Club Loans

About Morses Club Loans

Morses Club has recently become the market leading doorstep lender as a result of the recent closure of Provident. Going back to the roots, Mr Levi Morse opened a drapery store in Swindon way back in 1878. Further department stores would open over time and they’d later employ agents to visit homes and sell goods on weekly credit. As time passed they’d switch to money and become well established, yet it has only been in recent years where we’ve seen the emergence of a major sector force. This was signified when they merged with Shopacheck in 2015. They’ve maintained their original name and have built on this with a series of acquisitions, alongside growing Dot Dot Loans into a premier instalment loan brand.

Collectively the Group is now serving more than 200,000 customers. The bulk of this tally (180,000) is attributed to this central company. This is also the case with their employees, with the Group’s latest financial report highlighting 560 employees supported by 1385 self-employed agents. Perhaps these jobs may become downsized soon through the recent development that has seen the addition of a no agent doorstep loan option. This hands you with the choice of how your collection will be made. All customers can now importantly use the Morses Club login equipped to This is a welcome upgrade as it’ss very rare to see online account management provided in this sector.


TrustTwo Loans | Reviews

TrustTwo Loans

About TrustTwo Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

TrustTwo was launched as a supporting guarantor division to Everyday Loans back in 2014. Each were acquired by Non-Standard Finance in April 2016. This brought them into the same family as George Banco and Loans at Home. Banco is of note here in also competing in the guarantor space with both of these brands making up a user base of around 31,500 customers. The NSF Group collectively serves more than 179,000. TrustTwo’s market growth has been impressive in recent years. They’ve in fact recently emerged as the most visited sector lender although this wouldn’t have likely been the case if Amigo didn’t impose a pause on lending during the pandemic.

There have been a few product changes go through since we last checked up on They have for instance enhanced their loan sum range to £1000 to £15,000 (this previously started at £500 and stopped at £10,000) and they have dropped Saturday coverage (was 9am to 4pm). The required age on guarantors has increased a little also to 21 to 80 (was 21 to 75). As a reminder, both tenants and homeowners can back applications here. The final change is that the price for £1000 over a year is £236.09. There had previously been slight variations between homeowner and tenant rates. APR is fixed as headlined at 49.74%. Payouts on average take around 3 days.


Car Cash Point Loans | Reviews

Car Cash Point Loans

About Car Cash Point Loans

Car Cash Point (branded only as CarCashPoint in the logo) is one of the leading logbook lenders that has was launched in 2010 and so they have now hit the 10 year milestone. This business was formed by Paul Hilburn who has since left to launch Loan on Your Car. On CCP’s site you’ll see 10 locations noted. Some of these may have been past branches as there are now only listed addresses for 6 of them being: Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool and Manchester. Their London office is corporate only. You can either make your way to one of these branches or a rep can instead head your way (at an additional charge).

Having built up their own network this should help to speed up the process and they in fact promise money within the hour. Coverage extends to England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The owner also trades from although they don’t actually have an NI office. It can be confusing browsing the information on as they list varied potential amounts and phone numbers amongst other things. Between £500 and £100,000 is available although they cap up to 50% of the trade value. CCP’s Platinum limit rises all the way to £1,000,000, but this time with a 75% cap. The term range is 12 to 60 months and you can opt to repay monthly or weekly.


Fast Loan UK Loans | Reviews

Fast Loan UK Loans

About Fast Loan UK Loans

Fast Loan UK is a flexible direct lender that has been in business since 2010. This is the sole lending arm of the JDB Enterprise Group with Kite Loans being used for brokering only. This firm has grown impressively in recent years, but they did have a slow start and haven’t really been well known across much of their history that now surpasses 10 years. Fast’s product is built with notable levels of flexibility. For short term borrowing you can pick any single day between 7 and 60. You can instead go long term and freely pick any month between 1 and 8. If you’d prefer weekly repayments then you can alternative repay between 1 and 36 weeks.

First time applicants can access sums stretching from £50 to £600 whilst returning customers can apply for as much as £2000. This lender has attracted lots of praise for their friendly support team over on their Reviews listing where they rate at 96%. Customer Care Managers are assigned to all and so you can see that there is a more personal approach here. A quick call may be required depending on how the application is scored. No late payment fees are charged. The option to repay monthly or weekly is a nice touch. You’ll receive slightly lower rates of interest when choosing weekly. The charges in place are more competitive than the market average.


Loan on Your Car Loans | Reviews

Loan on Your Car Loans

About Loan on Your Car Loans

The logbook loan sector has endured great turmoil in recent years with various closures and with site rankings dropping off the map for many competing brands. This is why it was great news to hear of a new logbook lender emerge with such an intriguing service. It would be impossible for any random start-up to make such an instant impact, but behind the company in focus is Paul Hilburn who was founder of the successful Car Cash Point brand. We believe he is still a small shareholder there, but there is no working relationship now and the firms are in fact now locking horns for the top spot for most visited.

The launch of went ahead in late 2019. This was very bad timing with the pandemic that would soon follow. What has really helped this lender to overcome the troubling times has been their approach to completing the loan process fully online. There are no visits required here, with inspections taking place via WhatsApp. They also use e-sign that speeds up payouts to around an hour. There is no need to hand over your logbook or spare key as well. This service runs on a Hire Purchase agreement rather than Bill of Sale and so this also opens up coverage to those in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Bad credit, self-employment etc are accepted.


PM Loans | Reviews

PM Loans

About PM Loans

PM Loans is the 3rd and latest project attached to The Money Hive roster. PM’s site as located at was registered in summer 2019 and they look to have then launched a few months into 2020. There isn’t much difference between BingoLoans and LoanPig on the traffic rank front. Their global Alexa ranks have floated just over the 3 million mark. PM’s rank just surpasses 6 million, but this is still impressive for a newcomer. Regardless of visibility, a matched product can be found pitched across each of these trio of sites. These are generally built as lead generation doorways with the account management facility being controlled centrally at The Money Hive.

This firm promotes themselves as both a lender and a broker. Whilst there are many firms that do this it seems strange just how much emphasis they place on it. The PM loan has a wide repayment spread of 2 to 12 months. Unlike Hive’s other brands there is no such calculator on the homepage. You can choose the amount, but will need to hit apply and then modify the term. Any amount can be selected from £50 to £1500, but it would be unrealistic to expect a sizeable figure when borrowing for the first time. On the pricing side for £300 the cost would be £156.52 (3m) whilst you’d pay an equal £300 at 6m.


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