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247Moneybox Loans

About 247Moneybox Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

247Moneybox is one the UK’s largest payday lenders. This brand is the sole operation of Active Securities Ltd that was incorporated in 2006. 247Moneybox’s launch would follow a few years later in 2009 and so they have just marked their impressive 10 year anniversary. Outside of the UK, this project had been extended to Canada and New Zealand. Both sites were however soon taken down. As suggested by the name, this service operates as a “24/7 Money Box” hence you (as an existing customer) can request subsequent borrowings on any day around the clock. It should be noted however that their customer support hours are restricted to Monday to Friday (8.30am to 6pm).

When applying for the first time at you’ll be able to access a modest £200 max, but in the future this limit is increased to £800. When price capping hit the payday sector we saw most lenders adapt to cater instalments, but this company opted to stick with their original monthly-only service. This experienced lender has clearly benefited from the closure of such heavyweight brands as PaydayUK, WageDayAdvance and Wonga. Regardless of these key closures, this is still a tricky sector to compete in and they’ve grown impressively through minimal advertising. Even still, they’ve attracted more than 83,000 fans on Facebook alongside attracting over 3700 reviews on Trustpilot where their rating is fair at 81%.


Uncle Buck Loans | Reviews

Uncle Buck Loans

About Uncle Buck Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

Dartford-based Uncle Buck is one of the longest running subprime lenders in operation since 2004. This company started with ex-pawnbroker Steve Murray who managed to build up a large team of around 100 employees. We had a peek behind the curtain some years back when the ITV documentary “Cash in Hand! Payday Loans” followed the workings of Uncle Buck’s collections team. A rough video is on Dailymotion if you’d like to check it out. At that time they were paying out around 12,000 loans monthly. An interesting group acquisition of Ancora Capital Ltd brought in a trio of brands (RedWallet, VarioLoans and WagedayXpress), but for some reason they opted to sell this business off to brokers RevUP Media Llc.

Whilst historically operating as a payday lender, a complete switch over to instalments was taken on. 2 monthly instalment options of 4 and 6 months are available. An issue when opting for 6 months is that you need to borrow at least £425 to access this term. One standout feature with this lender is that they process applications 7/7 across extended hours of Mon/Fri (8am-9.30pm) and Sat/Sun (9am-6pm). Measuring brand popularity has always been tricky through the skewed search queries made for the John Candy movie of the same name. They have just over 3600 fans on Facebook. Buck’s traffic ranks have remained competitive. They alike others have benefited from the closures of high profile competitors.


Peachy Loans | Reviews

Peachy Loans

About Peachy Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

Peachy’s first loan was issued in June 2011 (after being formed in 2010). Since arriving on the scene they have served over 2 million customers. Kristjan Novitski created this venture after moving on from TxtLoan (now MyJar) that he founded alongside others. This company had been the sole operation of Cash on Go until recently. Uploan was launched in 2019, but it didn’t appear that this project would ever see the light of the day (Uploan’s site had a coming soon notice back in 2014). Peachy’s service itself has took on a series changes over time. It has now morphed into one of the most flexible products around with any selectable month of 1 to 12.

Across this range all customers can select from £100 to £1000. Applications are processed through the vibrantly styled 7 days a week. This site usually floats just within the top 10 most visited of their catered sectors. Their profile has been boosted from strong search engine rankings and they have also advertised on TV. Social media has always worked well for them to build up customer loyalty. They have just under 30,000 fans on Facebook where they have lots of engagement on posts with various competitions often taking place. With pricing, you could receive a £5 promo discount (not available on the payday term, but this has now expired). Do note that any CCJ on your record (6 years) will see a decline.


George Banco Loans | Reviews

George Banco Loans

About George Banco Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

The George Banco company was formed in November 2013 and they began lending a few months into 2014. They had started out as a guarantor lender, but would in time add the option of a personal loan. Early growth had been spurred on by key broker partnerships. They had for instance worked with the leading retail lender The Money Shop. A significant milestone came in August 2017 when they were acquired by Non-Standard Finance for £53.5m. NSF had already acquired Everyday Loans (+TrustTwo) in 2016, as well as the August 2015 deal for Loans at Home. Banco’s owner now controls a 179,000+ customer base with around 31,500 being attributed to the guarantor division (includes TrustTwo).

This tally is quite modest when you consider that the market leader (Amigo) has 224,000+ customers. The traffic performance (Alexa ranking) of has been sporadic over the years. They remain a top 5 guarantor lender, whilst for unsecured 12 month terms they now sit just outside the top 5. Banco’s 2 products have slight differences. For unsecured you can receive between £1000 and £5000 paying £285.56 per £1000 over a year fixed. Their guarantor product extends to a whopping £15,000 and a cheaper deal is also available at £236.12 if you can find a backing aged 21-75. Same day payouts are pitched, no late fees are charged, they have amassed 7660+ reviews on Trustpilot scoring 96% and have 1700+ Facebook fans.


On Stride Financial Loans | Reviews

On Stride Financial Loans

About On Stride Financial Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

On Stride Financial was launched in 2014 to fill the market demand of large personal loans for bad credit without a guarantor. There have been various product changes over the years. They historically offered £1k to £10k (1-5 yrs) and then £1k to £3k (1-2 yrs). A significant change occurred recently in early 2019 when the owner (Enova) opted to close down the Pounds to Pocket brand. As a result, they adapted their full monthly range of 6 to 12 months. As well as this you can pick 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33 or 36 months. The complete loan range is £150 to £5000. As well as Stride’s service, Enova has continued to operate QuickQuid for payday.

The popularity of has been sporadic. There was a significant spike recently when P2P closed since they advise users to move across on that side. Their local Alexa rank had climbed to #24,029. They have now lost this and rank globally at around 500k. Advertising is generally low key here and unlike other Enova projects hasn’t benefited from TV ads. This service is equipped with variable rates across multiple tiers. The most expensive charges are key since these tie in with the representative examples that most people pay. The difference between £300 at 6 months is £45.24 (prime) vs £280.95 (subprime). Stride’s hours have recently extended to 7/7. Feedback has been mixed noting 96% (Reviews) vs 30% (Trustpilot).


Provident Loans | Reviews

Provident Loans

About Provident Loans (Closed)

Provident Personal Credit Ltd has ceased trading that brings with it Provident and Satsuma Loans. GLO (guarantor) and Greenwood were past operations that had already closed down. Confirmation of closure was set on the 10th May 2021 and the legal process of a scheme of arrangement was underway at this final update. Provident’s demise has, as we have seen elsewhere, resulted from affordability complaints en masse pushed by claims management companies who seem intent on wiping out an industry. In the instance of toppling this major lender, all that has been achieved is to fracture doorstep lending with business simply shifting to rivals and small firms. Unfortunately, others to illegal loan sharks. More than 2000 jobs are also gone.

It feels quite sad to have seen the end of an era for such a historic brand in subprime lending. They had been in operation since 1880, but could be tied back to 1877 through Greenwood loans that they acquired, but later closed in 2014. In those early days they issued vouchers that could be exchanged for coal and food through weekly collections. Provident’s dominance in the doorstep space hadn’t been troubled although they had lost a fair share of their user base. We can recall them having close to 800,000 customers. The final tally was reported at 311,000. They also used 11,000 agents, that dropped below 2500. The online equivalent service (Satsuma Loans) had 120,000+ customers.


Swift Sterling Loans | Reviews

Swift Sterling Loans

About Swift Sterling Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

Swift Sterling was brought to market in 2010 by the controversial Malta-based Northway Financial Ltd. This was Northway’s 2nd local project as they had got under way with Pounds Till Payday way back in 2006. PTP is no longer lending having recently been passed on for use by a broker (RU Media UK). There had been problems with the owner Stateside regarding licensing and this was also the case in the UK. This is likely why they had to sell the business. For some time, the sites were down, but it was later announced that MMP Financial would acquire in November 2015, with trading recommencing in December. MMP has done a good job since taking over.

Swift’s popularity isn’t however close to their peak years between 2012 and 2013. The product itself hasn’t changed considerably over the years. There was originally a monthly-only term, but you can now pick between 1 and 5 months. The opening hours have tended to change every so often. It is impressive to see such late closings on Saturdays (11.30pm) and Sundays (10.30pm). It is surprising that this firm has so little feedback on the major review portals. On both and Trustpilot they had less than 10 reviews posted on each. More would be expected from a lender that was historically one of the top lenders outside the top 5.


Capfin Loans | Reviews

Capfin Loans

About Capfin Loans (Closed)

Capfin had a planned UK launch of 2015, but there was a delay until 2017 when they finally got under way, operating from Milton Keynes. This brand had been trading in South Africa since April 2011. They would in time also spread out to Australia. These sites are still live, but the Aussie site wasn’t taking applications on a previous check. When visiting now, a notice of the closure is made dated April 2019. Learning of Capfin’s closure didn’t come as a big surprise as they never managed to gain any traction with their Alexa traffic ranks always trailing way behind the leading brands. Investment from their high profile owner was certainly necessary.

In control was Steinhoff International Holdings NV who specialise in furniture and household goods, controlling the established Bensons for Beds and Harveys Furniture brands here in the UK. They also acquired Poundland back in 2016 that they acquired for £610 million. Financial services obviously isn’t their area of expertise, but surely some investment and patience could have been set aside here. When it came to the product pitched, this was quite a restricted loan available on a 6 month term on small amounts of £200 to £500. The pricing was quite competitive at £162.30 for £300 borrowed. There were no late fees charged and they were more lenient than usual instalment lenders.


PiggyBank Loans | Reviews

PiggyBank Loans

About PiggyBank Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

PiggyBank was launched in early 2012 by DJS (UK) Ltd. At launch, they rolled out a peer-to-peer payday loan that would compete against The Lending Well who tried out the same concept. P2P however turned out to be a bad idea in this sector and The Lending Well soon closed. This featured lender simply adapted to lend out of their own pockets. Piggy’s progress has continuously risen over the years. Whilst many firms have lost ground and struggled, this company always manages to attain top 5 Alexa ranks. On our most recent search they even sneaked 2nd place for payday loans, only trailing QuickQuid. Just how has DJS managed to compete so impressively?

This is difficult to determine, but we do tend to see frequent ad campaigns running in Google that will be sending plenty of visitors their way. Whilst they are attracting many visits, it is equally important to see high praise from their customer base. Evidence of this can be seen on Feefo where they rate at 94% and that’s from 500 reviews across the period of a year. Feefo’s always a good platform to pay attention to this since they validate sales to evade the fake reviews that pollute other platforms. PiggyBank’s product is packaged well for flexibility. Short term repay options of 7 to 35 days plus instalment choices across 2 to 5 months are available.


MyJar Loans | Reviews

MyJar Loans

About MyJar Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

MyJar was rolled out as the 2013 rebrand of TxtLoan that was formed in 2008 (trading since 2009). Founder Gert Koppel moved on and later worked at CreditStar whilst another co-founder (Kristjan Novitski) would go on to launch Peachy. TxtLoan was the dominant force in the text loans niche. They opted to leave short term lending behind them and would instead target instalments. To date they have issued 2.3 million loans and have enjoyed consistent growth despite not being one of the bigger advertisers in the space. MyJar’s main product has set levels (or Jars) in place. These are £100 to £500 (3m), £150 to £1000 (6m) and £250 to £2000 (12m).

Then there is Plus that has a fixed 24 month term on amounts of £400 to £4000. They did previously rise to £7200. There is a significant difference in value between standard and Plus. Using the example of a £1000 loan, the standard product at 1 year would cost £804.56 whilst for Plus on a 2 year term you’d pay £859.52 that is only marginally more for double the time. There was a time when this lender enabled existing customers to simply request extra funding 24/7. This has changed now as they state that further checks are taken. They still do operate 7/7 and so will process payouts quickly. MyJar’s Trustpilot feedback scores well at 88% (6200+).


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