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Compare 24 Month Loans


As an extension from comparing 12 months, we’ll today double this to investigate 24 month loans for bad credit (& fair). Prime options will be explored at a later date. The niche in focus is small in demand, but we feel that it is an important one to consider for borrowers. Above all else this term helps to craft a highly affordable monthly repayment. If you were applying for £1000 then you would typically repay between £65 and £85 monthly that most borrowers should feel comfortable with. In contrast, if you just went with a single year then the payment would float between £105 and £160 that would be more tricky to keep on top off.

Keeping those repayments low is always advised since if the car breaks down or some unsuspected bill pops up you’ll be better prepared to lower that risk of a late payment or even defaulting. The number of listings below is much smaller than 12m, but you could in essence get the same term with a guarantor or logbook lender. What has squeezed down the tally of brands here is that most of the payday and instalment firms stop lending at the year point. They tend to impose expensive rates whereby for £1000 you could be paying almost the same amount in interest charges. The value in contrast today is much improved, yet still more expensive than the guarantor deals.

Compare 24 Month Loans 2018…

Alexa Traffic Rankings & Facebook Fans…

1) #12,021 | 3630+
2) #38,576 | 2280+
3) #41,265 | 2950+
4) #43,641 | 450+
5) #49,771 | 1060+
6) #53,557 | 220+
7) #59,074 | 10,270+
8) #63,105 | 1600+
9) #69,961 | 520+
10) #87,152 | 10+

*Alexa (UK) rankings and Facebook counts are shown as indicators of market share and web popularity.

Cheapest Deals…

/£1000 (730 days) | Range: £255 to £1314

Top 10 24 Month Loans for Bad Credit & Fair…

1) Tappily: £255
2) SafetyNetCredit*: £320
3) AvantCredit: £416.48
4) BambooLoans: £481.50
5) LikelyLoans: £572.72
6) GeorgeBanco: £589.28
7) Maxcroft*: £599.96
8) Oakam*: £656.62
9) Savvy*: £807.60
10) OnStrideFinancial: £810.56

*Hypothetical examples are starred. This is when £1k wasn’t available at 24m.

Most Experienced and New 24 Month Lenders…




AvantCredit (as SpringCoin)
LikelyLoans (as GuarantorUs)
Savvy (as LightningLoans)


H&TFinance (pawnbroker since 1897)



Total Brands = 14.

Weekend 24 Month Loans: Open Saturday & Sunday…

1) Drafty: Sat/Sun (7am-10pm)
2) AvantCredit: Sat/Sun (9am-6pm)
3) JuoLoans: Sat (9am-5pm), Sun (10am-4pm)

*Sorting by latest Sunday closing times. Once approved, 24/7 funding is available from Drafty, SafetyNet and Tappily.

Niche Queries…

How Do Guarantor Loan Rates Compare?: We’ll use the example of the market leader (Amigo) where an average sector rate is charged. For £1k over the same sampled term Amigo’s cost would come in at £483.68. This would be the 5th best ranked, but remember that there are cheaper deals. On top is LendFair who would drop as low as £298.16 that is only edged out by Tappily’s £255.

Is a Line of Credit Loan a Good Idea Over This Term?: Drafty, SafetyNet and Tappily are the active LOC options. Each enables the qualified credit to be accessible 24/7. Drafty’s charge is the most expensive of every company at £1314, whilst Tappily delivered the cheapest at £255. SafetyNet’s example at £320 is hypothetical since you can only borrow £500 max. What makes the Indigo Michael brands so competitive is their own interest caps that kick in after a short time placing a pause on charges. The general idea would be to borrow the full amount as planned and then release the minimum payment or you can structure it so that the balance is repaid over the 2 year period.

Who Offers the Largest 24 Month Loan?: A large loan may be required when a borrower wishes to consolidate their existing debts or perhaps when they wish to buy a car, but have been unable to get approved for finance. From the lenders featured today, the highest level was offered by AvantCredit at £20,000. They come across as quite picky though and so a better option would be to apply with Everyday Loans who extend to £15,000. Failing this, guarantors can come to the rescue. Amigo who we referenced above raise to £10,000. Approval rates would be higher here, but obviously you’d need to be well positioned on affordability checks since those repayments will be high even across a 5 year contract.