Compare Line of Credit Loans: Low Rate Direct Lenders

Compare Line of Credit Loans
About: History

Personal line of credit facilities are common in banking across the globe, but not so much in the UK. HSBC for instance offers them in Canada and the United States, but not locally for some reason. It is Indigo Michael Ltd that brought this niche to life in the competitive world of short term lending. Indigo Michael was established in summer 2011 and their first project (ClearAccount) would follow in 2012. SafetyNet followed in 2014 and soon after ClearAccount was dropped. However, step forward to 2017 and they would add Tappily to their product line. This differs as being a near-prime product with higher available borrowing sums and a lower rate of interest.

As it stands, there is only a single competitor to these sister-brands. This is Drafty who had arrived in 2016. Expectation was high on the success of this venture as it came from the same team as Lending Stream that is of course one of the leading instalment lending brands. Some time back, MyKredit had also competed in this sector, but they opted to restructure their service. Ferratum has a dedicated page for a revolving product, but that isn’t available. We did also spot Plane Saver, but skipped that since it’s a credit union, plus they strictly serve workers of airlines. Choice is certainly limited, but this should change, especially due to the continued success of the featured trio.

About: Niche

LOCs work in a similar way to modern overdrafts whereby funds up to a qualified limit can be accessed 24/7. When funds are requested there is also no fixed repayment date, with interest being charged for the duration that money is borrowed. This could just be for a few days that may be handy to many people. Just to note that with SafetyNet/Tappily, the repayment will be taken if a wage (or £50+) comes into your account. This repays the interest, but you can then re-borrow straight away. Both noted brands do have interest caps in place, but these would only be met if you lost your job and had no further income hitting your account.

Minimum monthly repayments are also in place across the sites to make sure that the account doesn’t run into arrears. Both Drafty and Tappily offer competitive low rate loans that aren’t designed for those with lower scores. This leaves SafetyNet as the only subprime solution. Since this is a subprime offering you’ll typically be started off on a small limit of £200. You’ll interestingly however have a greater chance of acceptance here than other payday lenders since they have read-only access to your banking and so they can verify easily and monitor that a wage is coming in. The reason why banking access is required is that they offer overdraft protection that you can freely switch off.

Compare Line of Credit Loans: Low Rate Direct Lenders (Alexa Ranked)

UK Ranked

Brand + Alexa Rank
1) SafetyNet Credit | #21,842
/£100 Price (7d & 1m)
£5.60 & £24
Borrow (Existing)
£100 to £500 (£1000)
Line of credit (reloan monthly when paid)
Opening Hours
Mon/Fri (8am-7pm), Sat (9am-5pm)
7/7 reloan payouts
Brand + Alexa Rank
2) Drafty | #29,171
/£100 Price (7d & 1m)
£1.26 & £5.40
Borrow (Existing)
£50 to £3000 (£5000)
Line of credit (no fixed date)
Opening Hours
Mon/Fri (7am-10pm), Sat/Sun (7am-10pm)
7/7 payouts (all). Good score required
Brand + Alexa Rank
3) Tappily | #71,237
/£100 Price (7d & 1m)
£2.38 & £10.20
£100 to £2500
Line of credit (reloan monthly when paid)
Opening Hours
Mon/Fri (8am-7pm), Sat (9am-5pm)
7/7 reloan payouts. Good score required

Notes… Comparison listings are sorted by traffic rankings. All 3 manage UK ranks.

Amounts: Borrowing amounts displayed are complete ranges (across every term available).

Banking: SafetyNet/Tappily each require banking access, but they are only granted read-only access that expires every 90 days.

Examples: £100 costs have been sampled across both 7 days and a full month. Just remember that with both SafetyNet/Tappily the repayment is taken on paydays and so for longer borrowing you’d need to re-request.

Cheapest Line of Credit Loan Prices 2019 (7 Days & 1 Month /£100)

1) Drafty: £1.26 & £5.40

2) Tappily: £2.38 & £10.20

3) SafetyNetCredit: £5.60 & £24

Top Reviews 2019

No listings (All-Time Data)

1) Drafty: 96% (670+)

2) No 2nd listing

3) No 3rd listing (All-Time Data)

1) Drafty: 92% (7650+)

2) SafetyNetCredit: 90% (10,320+)

3) Tappily: 87% (70+)


Drafty Loans

Prime: Drafty

If there’s a good chance that you’ll qualify across any of the 3 featured sites then Drafty would edge it. They have the best & highest review feedback, they offer the lowest rate alongside offering larger sums. As a reminder, they can send £3000 to new customers and £5000 to existing customers. Drafty’s leading £100 7 day price was £1.26 compared to Tappily’s £2.38. Tappily’s key advantage is their overdraft protection, but the collection of repayments when you get paid won’t be to everyone’s liking. To those that don’t qualify for Drafty’s service, it is likely that they’ll push declines on to Lending Stream. This lacks any kind of flexibility, with a fixed 6 month term attached.

SafetyNet Credit Loans

Subprime: SafetyNet Credit

SafetyNet is the only low score option, but the quality is certainly very high here. SNC had compared on an equal footing to Wonga’s flexible short term loan when they were active. One of the past things to nitpick at was that they did previously only lend as much as £500 that is much smaller than the industry norm. £500 is still in place for first time customers, but they have recently bumped up the potential reloan sum to £1000 that was a welcoming upgrade. This is overall the most well-rounded short term lender around. No other bad credit lender enables 24/7 payouts with flexible terms starting from just 1 day onwards.

Web Alternatives

Options are limited in this niche and so we’ll quickly run through some alternatives of note. If you have a low score and are seeking a similar flexible short term loan then there are several market options. On a similar popularity footing, both Cash Asap and PiggyBank are well suited if you’d like lots of repayment flexibility. Obviously, if Wonga was still trading then they’d be another notable solution. Outside of online loans, subprime credit cards are excellent alternatives from lenders like Aqua, Capital One and Vanquis. Likewise, instead of using lenders like Drafty and Tappily, you could opt for any of the many prime cards available that come with 0% APR deals on purchases or transfers.

Last Update: May 24th, 2019