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Fair Finance Loans

About Fair Finance Loans

Fair Finance is an experienced social enterprise active since the year 2005. Today they have built up more than 30,000 customers. Their potential for growth has improved considerably since they expanded nationwide, although this has been restricted somewhat by their lack of promotion. They originally opened several branches across London where payouts needed to be completed in person. They have adapted to operate both fully online that means that everyone now has access to affordable credit. They have opted to maintain 3 of their offices (these are situated in Brixton, Dalston and East Ham). Fair’s product is highly flexible spanning from 6 to 18 months. Any month across this range can be selected.

The option is also there to repay weekly if you’d prefer, but this isn’t advisable as the prices jump up. In the pricing examples shown an admin fee is included, but this is taken from the money sent out. Customer loyalty is rewarded here with existing customers receiving a cheaper deal. Longer term borrowing is quite expensive compared to what’s out there. It’s advisable to opt for their instalments for their best value. At 6 months they charge £116 for £300 and then £92 when returning. Qualified funds are typically paid in 24 hours, but they do close at weekends. Eligibility is relaxed with coverage for people on benefits, with CCJs or defaults. They score higher than any instalment competitor on Feefo.

Company Details

Address: Space 2, Fitzroy House, Abbot Street, London, E8 3DP

Brand: Fair Finance (aka: FairFinance)

Company: East End Fair Finance Ltd

Contact (📧): enquiries@fairfinance.org.uk

Contact (☎): 0208 988 0627

FCA Licence: 717247

Launched: 2005

Niche: Instalment, personal

Opening Hours: Mon/Fri (9am-5.30pm)

Related Brands: Non

Site Address: www.fairfinance.org.uk

Site Rank (Alexa.com Global): #8,152,293

Product Specs

Amounts Available: £100 to £1000 (£3000 on reloans)

Late Payment Fee: £0

Login Provided: No (one-off payments only)

Pricing (Monthly Repay): £116 /£300 (6m) & £624 /£1000 (12m)

Pricing (Weekly Repay): £126 /£300 (26w) & £672 /£1000 (52w)

*Reloan prices are: £92 (6m), £527 (12m) & £101 (26w), £568 (52w)

Repayment Terms: 6 to 18 months

Review Feedback

Feefo: 88.0% (rated 5/5) (exact 980/1114)

Reviews: Not listed

Trustpilot: 86% (120+ count)

Rivals & Similar Lenders Like Fair Finance

This firm has witnessed steady growth since expanding nationwide. There has however not been any considerable push on the promotional side and so they haven’t really posed much of a challenge to major brands like Lending Stream and Sunny. It’s a shame that they don’t get the exposure they deserve as their 6 month charge is the cheapest available with bad credit in the sector. When you in fact factor in reloans their price even edges out Drafty who are prime specialised. Anico Finance and Quick Loan Shop are competitive alternatives on the pricing side. Fair’s global Alexa rank had been floating around the 3 million mark, but it’s now closer to 8m that is way behind your average lender.

Last Check @ www.fairfinance.org.uk: February 14th, 2020

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www.fairfinance.org.uk Reviews
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by Red on www.fairfinance.org.uk Reviews

First time in getting a loan from these people are was very fast and great. Thanks.