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JL Money Loans

About JL Money Loans

JL Money was established by Daniel Suppey in the year 2004, although it wasn’t until 2014 that they’d head online. Their history is a little unclear, but they had initially operated as a broker before making the transition to lending. This company has a diverse product range that is split across 3 sections. The main one of focus here is Essential that is guarantor-supported for £1k to £10k and 1m to 24m. This can the only product that can be applied for through their site. Bespoke and Business can only be phoned through. If you do live locally to them in Bromley then you could however always pop in to run through any of their products.

Bespoke provides £5000 to £100,000 over a 12 month term. This includes a few interesting repayment structures such as “Roll up” for paying everything at the end of the term. The Business loan section sees £2000 to £100,000 over a year again. Both of these sections are pretty vague. You’d need to call or visit them to learn of the ins and outs. Moving to Essential, a flexible 1 to 24 month repayment range is packaged. You can pick any single month between. This is the only short term guarantor loan available online. It’s just a shame that they don’t offer smaller starting sums of say £300 or £500 that would make sense over a short period of borrowing.

You will however need to select at least £1000 across all terms. At the 12 month point the cost here would come in at £204.08 that is the 2nd cheapest in the space. For reference, if you were to opt for a single month then just a £17 charge would be imposed. Guarantors can be tenants as well as homeowners. The required backing age is 18 or over (no upper limit is specified). Qualification is open to those with poor credit and this firm doesn’t charge late payment fees. What limits this particular service is that they are Alexa unranked and they have no external reviews to be studied. There is currently also a login page issue.

Company Details

Address: Melbury House, 34 Southborough Road, Bromley, BR1 2EB

Brand: JL Money (aka: Jeremy Lawrence Loans, JLMoney)

Company: Jeremy Lawrence Ltd

Contact (📧): info@jlmoney.co.uk

Contact (☎): 020 3302 4020

FCA Licence: 727863

Launched: 2004

Niche: Guarantor, personal

Opening Hours: Mon/Thu (9am-4pm)

Related Brands: Non

Site Address: www.jlmoney.co.uk

Site Rank (Alexa.com Global): Unranked

Product Specs

Amounts Available (Bespoke): £5000 to £100,000 (all customers)

Amounts Available (Essential): £1000 to £10,000 (all customers)

Backings: Homeowners or tenants aged from 18 onwards. No upper limit stated

Late Payment Fee: £0

Manage: Yes, a JL Money login is provided

Pricing: £204.08 /£1000 (12m) & £408.08 /£1000 (24m)

Repayment Terms (Bespoke): 12 months only

Repayment Terms (Essential): 1 to 24 months (any month between)

Review Feedback

Feefo: Not listed

Reviews: Not listed

Trustpilot: Not listed

Rivals & Similar Lenders Like JL Money

There are 2 standout features of this service. The first lies in flexibility. Whilst they may not extend to 5 years as the market norm, you can freely pick any month between 1 and 24. The Quick Cash Club historically started from 6 months onwards, but they ended up closing down. Across active lenders you can settle early although this is usually a headache to put through. The other quality of note is JL’s excellent pricing. The common price point charged in this sector for £1000 per year sits between £230 and £235. You’d however be requested to pay just £204.08 here. This is only beaten by GuarantorMyLoan under the condition that cashback has been successfully collected on that side.

Last Check @ www.jlmoney.co.uk: July 7th, 2021

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