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MyKredit Loans

About MyKredit Loans

Global Kapital Group has enjoyed tremendous growth since their formation in 2010. They’ve gone on to employ 2000 staff across 18 countries. A range of sectors have been took on including alternative finance, brokerage, corporate banking and digital banking. Short term lending is an avenue that they have operated in since the year 2015 under MyKredit. This brand has been rolled out across multiple locations worldwide. This has included Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam, but these projects don’t appear to be active today. We are just aware that they are now operating locally and also in Spain. Their Spanish site is currently performing competitively whilst the progress of has been more mixed although local competition is much greater.

The MyKredit loans are available over 2, 3 or 4 months. The amounts of £100 to £400 are open to first time applicants moving to a reloan limit of £1000. Pricing over 3 months is £146.43 for £300. As part of the application process you’ll need to verify your salary via Connect-Secure. To touch on late payments, there is no initial fee charged across an extended grace period. £10 would be charged if the payment isn’t collected by the next repayment. It would be possible that this could come sooner though if they were unable to contact you for clarification. When unable, a 2nd CPA attempt would be made after 10 days that if failed would trigger the fee.

Company Details

Address: Bevis Marks House, 24 Bevis Marks, London, EC3A 7JB

Brand: MyKredit (aka: My Kredit, MyCredit)

Company: Global Kapital Finance Ltd (subsidiary of Global Kapital Group)

Contact (📧):

Contact (☎): 020 3813 8485

FCA Licence: 724234

Launched: 2015

Niche: Instalment

Opening Hours: Mon/Fri (7am-5pm)

Related Brands: Non

Site Address:

Site Rank ( Global): #2,810,955

Product Specs

Amounts Available: £100 to £400 (£1000 on reloans)

Late Payment Fee: £0 (next repayment grace period) | After grace: £10

Manage: Yes, a MyKredit login is provided

Pricing: £146.43 /£300 (3m)

Repayment Terms: 2 to 4 months (2, 3 & 4)

Review Feedback

Feefo: Not listed

Reviews: Not listed

Trustpilot: 32% (40+ count)

Rivals & Similar Lenders Like MyKredit

It’s rare today for lenders to additionally operate overseas. Wonga had been a successful firm doing this in Poland, South Africa and Spain. Currently, CashFloat is also operating in Spain alike the company in focus. CashFloat’s site isn’t performing well though whilst MyKredit’s seems to be doing well ranking under the 1 million mark. MyKredit’s UK traffic rank in contrast usually floats below 3 million. In the competitive 3 month sector this places them just outside the top 10 around Auden and BingoLoans. In order for them to crack that top 10 they’d really need to step up their advertising and it would help to see a standout feature of note, as many of the service features they have are found elsewhere.

Last Check @ June 15th, 2021

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