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Peachy Loans

About Peachy Loans (Closed = Further Details to Follow Soon)

Peachy’s first loan was issued in June 2011 (after being formed in 2010). Since arriving on the scene they have served over 2 million customers. Kristjan Novitski created this venture after moving on from TxtLoan (now MyJar) that he founded alongside others. This company had been the sole operation of Cash on Go until recently. Uploan was launched in 2019, but it didn’t appear that this project would ever see the light of the day (Uploan’s site had a coming soon notice back in 2014). Peachy’s service itself has took on a series changes over time. It has now morphed into one of the most flexible products around with any selectable month of 1 to 12.

Across this range all customers can select from £100 to £1000. Applications are processed through the vibrantly styled 7 days a week. This site usually floats just within the top 10 most visited of their catered sectors. Their profile has been boosted from strong search engine rankings and they have also advertised on TV. Social media has always worked well for them to build up customer loyalty. They have just under 30,000 fans on Facebook where they have lots of engagement on posts with various competitions often taking place. With pricing, you could receive a £5 promo discount (not available on the payday term, but this has now expired). Do note that any CCJ on your record (6 years) will see a decline.

Company Details

Address: 199 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3TY

Brand: Peachy (aka: Peachy Loans)

Company: Cash on Go Ltd

Contact (📧):

Contact (☎): 0800 012 4743

FCA Licence: 674331

Launched: 2011

Niche: Payday, instalment, personal

Opening Hours: Mon/Fri (8am-8pm), Sat/Sun (10am-6pm)

Related Brands: Uploan

Site Address:

Site Rank ( Global): #1,110,788

Product Specs

Amounts Available: £100 to £1000

Late Payment Fee: £15

Login Provided: Yes

Pricing: £24 /£100 (1m) & £122.35 /£300 (3m) & £230.97 /£300 (6m) & £951.41 /£1000 (12m)

Repayment Terms: 1 to 12 months

Review Feedback

Feefo: Not listed

Reviews: Not listed

Trustpilot: 84% (1830+ count)

Rivals & Similar Lenders Like Peachy

Cash on Go’s new 2019 project Uploan has slight differences. Notably they close at weekends and the potential available amount is doubled to £2000 (starting at £500). The repayment range doesn’t exceed a year ranging from 6 to 12 months. A £1000 12 month loan is packaged at £951.41 that matches Peachy’s standard cost (their promo may return soon). With competitors, Sunny had historically been a key competitor, but they have enjoyed more fortune in recent years. Instead they have tended to mix it up with such firms as Mr lender and MyJar. Few competitors can match Peachy’s flexibility, but you find good term options elsewhere at Quick Loan Shop and Satsuma Loans.

Last Check @ February 13th, 2020

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