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Provident’s status as the #1 doorstep loan provider is expected to continue long into the future, although there is some uncertainly on how much business they will have to fight for with interest in this sector falling. As it stands they have 731,000 customers that is some way ahead of nearest rival (Morses Club). Their Group has 233,000 customers that includes several thousand of Dot Dot. Provident’s history heads back to 1880. In the early days they handed out vouchers that could be swapped for clothing, coal and food on weekly collections. In the modern day this business remains important although Vanquis is central with 1.7 million users. The collective base is 2.5 million when including Moneybarn and Satsuma.


Brand: Provident (aka: Provident Personal Credit).
Company: Provident Personal Credit Ltd (part of Provident Financial Plc).
Founder: Joshua Waddilove.
Launched: 1917 (1880 as Provident Clothing & Supply Co).
Licence: 002529.
Offers: Doorstep.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (8am-8pm), Saturday (8am-5pm).
Other Projects: Moneybarn, Satsuma Loans, Vanquis.


Address: 1 Godwin Street, Bradford, BD1 2SU.
Email: No email contact (form only).
Phone: 0800 096 6064.


Alexa Rank (Local): #47,968.
Facebook Page: 30,130+.


£43 /£100 (13w).
£56 /£100 (26w).
£872 /£1000 (52w).


Amounts: £100 to £1000 (new applicants).
Amounts: £2500 max (when reloaning).
Amount Selections: £50 increments.
Late Payment Fee: £0.
Terms: 13 to 52 weeks (104 max when returning).

*Weekly repayment options include 13, 26 and 52 weeks (3, 6 or 12 months). For £950+ you can’t select 13. As an existing customer the further choices of 78w and 104w becomes available. Personal Credit is added in the company and domain name, but for branding they use the single identity.

Service Pros…

This is the most experienced company in the space active since 1880. Morses Club has roots of 1878, but this is simply as a drapery store. You could in essence stretch Provident’s roots further back to 1877 anyway through the Greenwood loan venture that they acquired and then closed in 2014. Provident’s service boasts larger sums and longer terms than their rivals, especially for returning customers where a potential £2500 can be borrowed over 2 years. There are no late fees and this is the only sector brand that opens on Saturdays. It is not clear if they make appointments on Saturdays, but the loan will at least still be processed unlike elsewhere.

Market coverage is extensive. They have however considerably downsized over the years, at one time having 11,000 agents. They now use 2500 Customer Experience Managers (CEMs). Staffing does sit closer to 3000 through central and localised base staffing (there are 270 branches). Regardless of downsizing, they still reach most areas of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They also cater Ireland via The reviews for this lender are highly supportive at Feefo with 6750+ reviews. The 5 star share is 81% and 4 star share is 17% that makes up 98%! Finally, they have recently added an online payment feature (this doesn’t replace CEM visits, but is handy if you fall behind or are away one day).

Service Cons…

They beat their competitors in most areas other than pricing. To compare them against the cheapest doorstep loan lender, the £56 per £100 (26w) charge here would be just £30 at Mutual that is quite a difference. Unfortunately, Mutual isn’t accessible in most areas. It would be ideal to see more repayment options offered, although a customer can just settle at any time with their agent.

Similar Lenders Like Provident Loans…

Many people are actively searching for doorstep loans like Provident online. With the greatest chance of coverage it is usually advised to use the other big 2 nationals being Loans At Home and Morses Club. Neither for reference offers lower pricing than the market leader. The better rates flow in from the localised firms. The better value in this sector is generally accessible across the regions of East and West Midlands. If you don’t live close to the more competitive brands (like Mutual) then we’d just advise using one of the leading online lenders who offer instalment terms. You have endless choice on that side and can benefit from much quicker payouts.

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