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QuickQuid Loans


QuickQuid is the 2nd largest payday lender on the UK market today. This heavyweight brand has been active since 2007 marking a full decade in operation. This company was unleashed by Cash America International Inc who have since passed on ownership duties to Enova International Inc who were a past division. As well as this central lending operation, they trade as On Stride Financial and Pounds to Pocket. They deliver longer term products, whilst shorter term borrowing has always been packaged up here. There is a headlined 1.4 million customer base (a much smaller active tally would be expected). Following the trend of recent years, they continue to be one of the most visible brands promoted on TV.


Brand: QuickQuid (aka: Quick Quid).
Company: CashEuroNet UK Llc (subsidiary of Enova International Inc).
Founder: Jack Daugherty.
Launched: 2007.
Licence: 673738.
Offers: Instalment, payday.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (8am-9pm), Saturday to Sunday (10am-6.30pm).
Other Projects: On Stride Financial, Pounds to Pocket.
Web: www.quickquid.co.uk.


Address: PO Box 74347, London, EC1P 1YZ.
Email: support@quickquid.co.uk.
Phone: 0800 056 1515.


Alexa Rank (Local): #10,388.
Facebook Page: 24,000+.


£22.80 /£100 (30d with promo).
£24 /£100 (30d).
£205.20 /£300 (3m with promo).
£216 /£300 (3m).


Amounts: £50 to £1000 (new applicants).
Amounts: £1500 max (when reloaning).
Amount Selections: £50 increments.
Late Payment Fee: £15.
Terms: 1 to 3 months.

*QuickQuid promo code 2018 is available to first time borrowers only. The code to enter is QQ5S that saves 5%.

Service Pros…

This lender is highly experienced, well trusted and has a good overall market reputation. A first time borrower can receive a competitive payday loan deal at £22.80 when using their discount code noted above. They’ll be able to access as much as £1000 with £1500 being available once trust has been established. QuickQuid’s support team is also available 7 days a week (it is just a shame they cutback from 24/7). 24/7 payouts are however possible when reloaning through their Top-Up facility. When available, “Need more money?” will show in your account. Be aware though that the application will then be processed and so alike an overdraft increase request, you may see a decline.

Service Cons…

There are a few things to nitpick here. The main one would be the expensive charges when opting for 2 or 3 month repayments where the interest charges are either doubled or trebled. Most of their rivals in contrast provide discounted interest over extended periods. Whilst the loan amount range is varied here, you can also only select sums in £50 increments that isn’t handy (unlike Wonga who rise by £1s). There really hasn’t been many service changes over the years. The main reason for this would perhaps be that the owner’s supporting brands are already tailored for longer term flexible borrowing. Finally, cutting back on 24/7 support was a downgrade that could have ideally been maintained.

Similar Lenders Like QuickQuid…

Wonga is the biggest player and SafetyNet Credit is the 3rd. Each are worth checking out for more flexible borrowing. Outside of these, the other payday firms are way off the pace based on recent Alexa web traffic data. Lending Stream, MyJar and Sunny aren’t far behind, but they are of course instalment specialised services. Since loan capping was brought in, most of the big payday firms have in fact switched to either include or just cater instalments. 247Moneybox is perhaps one of the only notable alternative brands to have not made the change. For an improved monthly deal, we’d advise giving Sunshine Credit a try where you can receive a reasonable £100 loan for just £12.

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