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Mega ad spends have pushed this brand firmly into the limelight as the UK’s top instalment loan solution. They did have to grow quickly after only being introduced in 2013. You can however trace their roots back to 2004 through 1 Month Loan that the owner acquired from Fortress Group (UK) Ltd and then rebranded. This owner is Elevate Credit (previously Think Finance) who are based in Fort Worth in Texas. A secondary project called Quid was active for some time, but this was later closed. This leaves the single British operation and then in the owner’s home country they also run Elastic and Rise. Across this trio of companies they serve 1.8 million customers.


Brand: Sunny.
Company: Elevate Credit International Ltd (subsidiary of Elevate Credit Inc).
Founder: Ken Rees.
Launched: 2013 (2004 as 1 Month Loan).
Licence: 673771.
Offers: Instalment, personal.
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (8.30am-7pm), Friday (8am-5pm), Saturday to Sunday (10am-3.30pm).
Other Projects: Non.


Address: Blenheim House, Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3SB.
Phone: 0800 731 5444.


Alexa Rank (Local): #9162.
Facebook Page: 13,000+.


£198.88 /£300 (6m with promo).
£295.91 /£300 (6m).


Amounts: £100 to £2500 (new applicants).
Amounts: As above (when reloaning).
Amount Selections: £50/£100 increments.
Late Payment Fee: £0.
Terms: 6 to 14 months.

*Sunny promo code 2018 is available to new customers only and is counted on amounts of £100 to £1000. Enter SUNNY30 at application to verify. Whilst the repayment range is wide here, there are just 4 terms that are determined by how much cash is requested. The levels run as £100-£1000 (6m), £1100-£1500 (7m), £1600-£2000 (9m) and £2100-£2500 (14m). Sums up to £1k rise by £50, but anything above jumps by £100.

Service Pros…

The Sunny loans deliver a sizeable £2500 to new and returning customers. Whilst specific terms must be selected, early settlements are promoted. On their calculator they in fact display short term examples (noting that you’d need to settle from 6m). This firm operates 7/7 and was the first subprime lender to charge no late fees. Then there is the 5 Days to Change Your Mind offer that enables customers to repay back with no interest. This is available 3 times max per year and must be requested by phone. The current promo code helps to create a reasonable 6 month new user charge and their Trustpilot score is impressive at 92% (2400 feedback).

Service Cons…

It would be ideal to see any selectable month between the full range and it is unclear why there is only a single term option for any amount selected. The incremental changes of £50 that rise to £100 would ideally also be lowered. Promo discounts do help, but existing customers don’t receive these that means the standard charges are payable that are pretty high compared to what’s available elsewhere. A few changes as described would help to improve the product, but this is only nitpicking. Most customers appear to be more than happy with what’s provided and the addition of no fees and that 5 day return offer help this company to stand out in this crowded market.

Similar Lenders Like Sunny…

Lending Stream is closest matched on the popularity front. Provident’s Satsuma is a better fit though since they offer any selectable month between 3 and 12. They themselves charge no late fees. You can also get a good spread of 6 to 12 with Pounds to Pocket. The Money Shop was previously a great alternative for a cheaper deal. Unfortunately, we have learnt that they have recently dropped their web service and now offer retail lending only. The revolving line of credit lenders are always excellent choices for flexible 24/7 borrowing. What helps SafetyNet Credit to stand out is their own interest cap suiting longer term borrowing. Their owner has recently launched Tappily who match Sunny’s £2500 limit.

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