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The One Stop Money Shop has valued experience on their hands having been in operation since 2002. They had started out in life as a broker, but would eventually transform to lend directly. This Wakefield-based company was built up very slowly. The recent popularity surge of has been tricky to diagnose. The latest recorded local Alexa rank was around 15k. This places them at the top of the tree for 12 month loans. Whilst at 6 months they are currently only edged out by Sunny. It is confusing how they have managed to suddenly compete with the major brands when they aren’t running TV ads whilst we haven’t tracked online ads either.

It’s likely that many leads are sent from brokers and other lenders (when declined). The only data available does show that many referrals have been traced from This URL however actually redirects to that is a Flux Funding company (and so New Horizons may now be sending referrals). One Stop’s site shares no details regarding eligibility. On several comparison/review portals it however states that there is a required age range of 30 to 65 plus other restrictions. They do however target poor credit and will consider CCJs. They lend between £200 and £1000 across 6, 9 or 12 months with no late fees charged. Pricing is charged at £277.50 for £300 (6m) and £899.96 for £1000 (12m).

Company Details

Address: Ground Floor, Cora House, 20 Gills Yard, Wakefield, WF1 3BZ

Brand: The One Stop Money Shop (aka: TheOneStopMoneyShop)

Company: The One Stop Money Shop Ltd

Contact (📧):

Contact (☎): 0192 437 7771

FCA Licence: 713424

Launched: 2002

Niche: Instalment, personal

Opening Hours: Mon/Fri (8am-4pm)

Related Brands: Non

Site Address:

Site Rank (Alexa UK): #14,750

Product Specs

Amounts Available: £200 to £1000

Late Payment Fee: £0

Login Provided: No

Pricing: £277.50 /£300 (6m) & £899.96 /£1000 (12m)

Repayment Terms: 6, 9 & 12 months

Required Age: 30 to 65

Review Feedback

Feefo: Not listed

Reviews: Not listed

Trustpilot: Less than 10 feedback

Rivals & Similar Lenders Like The One Stop Money Shop

This lender may have similar ballpark traffic levels as Lending Stream, Satsuma and Sunny. However, Shop’s surge has come very recently and it would unlikely that they’d be able to maintain this performance without heavy investment in TV and web advertising. Against major players, there are also product limitations that go against them such as there being no weekend coverage and the strange age requirement of 30 to 65 years. The better value they do provide is over instalments noting 6 months at £277.50 that is similar to Stream’s £275.52. When you jump up to a year though you are paying £899.96 per £1000 that is very expensive when there are subprime lenders charging just over £200.

Last Check @ July 26th, 2019

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