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About Track Loans (Closed)

Track Loans looked to have great potential when they launched on the market back in 2017. “Your Route to Affordable Finance” was headlined on where for a short time you could receive the cheapest instalment loans with bad credit. Unfortunately, this project closed without any notice being given. From studying Wayback Machine, the site was taken offline in 2018. As it stands, secure visits (https) redirect to They haven’t however redirected correctly on non-secure visits (http) where you’ll be shown an index listing error. The owners were Street (UK) Cic who formed in 1999 with Street UK later trading from September 2000. Cic for reference refers to the “community interest company” business structure.

Street’s product is restricted to West Midlands. All customers must reside within 15 miles of a branch. 2 of these are located in Birmingham whilst single branches are located in Walsall, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. The Track loan project was initially unveiled in 2017 as a localised service, but they soon upgraded to cover all areas of England and Wales. Track’s USP was their excellent value that was passed on to those unable to qualify elsewhere. The term range offered was 3 to 6 months and their pricing over these terms at £300 came in at £59.46 (3m) and £108.66 (6m). Both examples were the cheapest bad credit instalment deals available at that time.

Street UK has recently added a 6 month option and so they’re now the cheapest. Back to Track’s loan, no late fees were charged, but to keep risks low, they did restrict how much could be accessed. New and existing customers could only opt for between £100 and £500. Opening hours were also restricted between Monday and Friday (9.30am to 5pm). It did seem that Track’s early progress showed potential. They had attracted 1700+ Facebook fans and on the past Alexa check they were ranking at around 70,000 that sits just outside the top 10. This was the kind of fresh start-up that the industry needed, but perhaps due to fierce competition they opted to soon pull the service.

Rivals & Similar Lenders Like Track Loans

As a reminder, Track’s competitive prices were £59.46 (3m) and £108.66 (6m). At 3 months, the next cheapest deal outside arises from Anico Finance at £73.50. At 6 months, Street’s product has now expanded to this term. Street’s cost is £166.58 per £600. This translates as £83.29 per £300 as their sums rise in £200 increments. The problem here is that they cover the West Midlands only. Next best would be Fair Finance who charge £116. Existing customers however see a price drop to £92. With an improved score, Drafty would be the place to check out. Outside of pricing, there are endless instalment alternatives where you could find higher amounts, greater flexibility etc.

Last Check @ February 13th, 2020

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ime interested in a loan

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Love the price. Much better than those rip off payday rates.